A good number of motorists are often tempted to skip routine vehicle maintenance, or at least to delay taking their car to the auto shop. Without proper maintenance tasks like car alignment, the likelihood of serious problems developing in future becomes very high. Routine maintenance is highly important in helping avoid the possibility of being stuck in tricky situations due to car trouble.

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Oil and Filter Changes

Among the general maintenance tasks, regularly changing the oil at the appropriate interval certainly tops the list of importance. If the oil gets old or falls below the required minimum, the engine could start overheating and suffer from impaired air flow. Lubricating the engine is also crucial in reducing friction, not to forget combating rust and reducing noise. Changing the oil filter helps keep the engine devoid of contaminants and impurities.

Every vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the oil and filter at each service checks. It not only ensures efficient operation of the engine, but also avoids major issues that could be expensive to fix. Additionally, it has been proven that this maintenance task is vital to a long and trouble-free engine life.

Tire Check

Because the entire weight of the car rests on its tires, they certainly play a major role in performance. Regular tire checks facilitate the spotting and rectification of issues like under- or over-inflated tires. Too little pressure could make the car unsafe while stopping. On the other hand, overinflated tires leave the base rigid and stiff, resulting in reduced contact area with which to connect to the road. Both of these are also known to cause abnormal wear.

Maintaining optimal pressure improves driving performance, makes the car safer and increases tire life. Tire maintenance should include rotation wheels wear differently on the front due to the scraping action that occurs when steering. Rotating the tires will make them wear evenly, resulting in enhanced safety and consistency.

By at least having these maintenance tasks performed on a regular basis, one can reduce the chances of more serious issues developing with their car. And while it may seem like an unfamiliar chore to some motorists, the consequences of failing to do this could leave a huge expense besides increasing the risk of accidents occurring. To maintain a safe car and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs, one should have their vehicle regularly checked by a good, well-equipped facility with certified mechanics.